2009-08-30 13:49:57 by Tawnik

Since I just came from my training (I play football-tennis) and my body's covered with green paint (We're building up new football-tennis court) I dont want to go to flash and capture a screen of my upcoming project "The revenge of Anthony Diaz", maybe I will do that later, I just wanted you to check this link its my friend, my best online friend, hes so awesome, please, watch his animations =)

hopefully we'll manage run T&M soon, I hope it will be after finishing my project, that will be in winter, I guess (why ? Because Im so fucking slow :|, which sucks for Mark, he has sooo many things to show :(, sorry about that mate =)

Thats all for now, cya =)


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2009-08-31 12:51:47

his anims are great omg

Tawnik responds: