New project !!

2009-05-21 14:39:42 by Tawnik

Hi there, Im really happy that you're checking my profile =D
First of all I'd like to apologize for that T&M still isnt on, but I have a lot of work to do, school, girls, sport, alcohol, I think you see what I mean.And I want Mesmay to forgive me that it takes me that long to do some proper animation =D but, GOOD NEWS, I have a project, called "Revenge" I have a few bgs drawn + I've started with the animation yet, heres one screen from the animation:

Thats all I want to tell you atm =D, wait for more info !! =)

New project !!


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2009-05-24 18:18:25

I could likely meet your need for VA, please send me a line for each character, and I'll send you a reel for each.


2009-07-29 10:39:33

Great job on the collab, your part was my favorite.